Specialising in providing medical cover for all types of corporate events, we are dedicated to protecting guests' and clients' health and welfare. From company Christmas parties to large promotional events, and from corporate balls to team-building games and activities, we can help with all the necessary risk assessments during the planning stage of any event, as well as supplying useful guidance and advice as to which types of emergency medical assistance and first aid cover should be supplied to ensure the highest level of protection.

Corporate events are largely unregulated, and therefore it is vital to ensure that all activities are thoroughly reviewed and assessed to ensure that appropriate medical cover is being provided. If activities involve extreme sports, for example, a visible presence such as an ambulance or paramedic cover should be available. At other, less active events, such as parties and balls, an unobtrusive presence should be maintained. This can be achieved by the careful provision of a doctor wearing appropriate evening wear.

Should an event be attended by VIPs from either the entertainment or sports industries, or the field of politics together with members of the public, it is essential to ensure that adequate medical cover is provided using personnel who are capable of working under those kinds of circumstances. We are proud to be able to offer highly qualified and experienced medical staff who are familiar with this type of situation. Having previously worked alongside a wide range of bodyguards from personal protection officers and security personnel, our trained and professional staff are more than capable of providing the best medical cover while working closely with security teams.

Whatever corporate event you are planning to organise, make sure that you do not underestimate the need for high quality medical cover.

For more information on our event medical services enquire today by calling 0117 290 1290 or email us at info@mace-events.org.