Before Your Event

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive outdoor medical solutions by working with you before, during and after the event. As soon as you contact us about providing medical cover for your event, we will send out an Event Enquiry Form together with our terms and conditions. Once you have completed this form and returned it to us, we assess the type and amount of cover you require by using our guide to event safety assessment tool. We will then recommend the level of cover you need using this information together with our considerable experience in the field. We always make sure to follow your lead, since, as your company's event organiser, you are best placed to have greater local knowledge and familiarity with your event. We will then issue you with our informed quotation, and assuming you are happy with it, you will sign and return the paperwork. Our confirmation will then be forwarded to you forming our contractual agreement.

During Your Event

Your event organiser or named contact will be contacted by our staff immediately once they arrive on site to organise the best way to provide a streamlined service. If any casualties are treated, each will have a Casualty Report completed, and these will be securely stored as required by Data Protection legislation. A single point of contact will be established within our medical team to handle any issues rapidly.

After Your Event

We can help you manage the health and safety risks associated with any sporting event. We provide sports event management services to a number of venues right across the UK. Our professional team has extensive experience in planning and managing the risks associated with hosting an event.

Following the event, a basic report of all casualties treated will be supplied to the organiser. This report will only contain the information permitted by Data Protection laws, and for fuller details, a written request is required. If an incident is reportable under "RIDDOR", and the relevant casualty has given consent, further information can be provided. Our invoice will also be supplied according to our quotation, however any "on site" mileage overtime charges may also appear as per our terms and conditions. We will also send you an evaluation form as we appreciate your opinion on what we did well and what we could improve.

For more information on our event medical services enquire today by calling 0117 290 1290 or email us at

Corporate Event Medical Services

From company Christmas parties to large promotional events, and from corporate balls to team-building games and activities, we can help with all the necessary risk assessments during the planning stage of any event, as well as supplying useful guidance and advice.

Festival Medical Cover

When organising a festival is it important to consider the safety implications and to set up safeguards to ensure your attendants are out of harm’s way.

Motorsport Event Medical Services

Motorsports are an exciting and entertaining pastime, but anyone who is involved with them should know that there is always a possibility of an accident. Because of that, it is vital that any motorsport event be properly equipped for the event of an emergency.

Off Road Event Medical Services

Looking for medical cover for an off road event, here we have a wealth of experience to respond to your emergency needs. We are the go-to medical provider to give peace of mind at a wide variety of events.

Sports Event Medical Services

Having the right medical support in place is vital for sporting events. Participant and public safety should form part of the overall planning process right from the start. Everyone involved needs to understand their role in keeping the environment safe and know what to do should something go wrong.

Waterside Event Medical Cover

Even though water looks safe, there is a possibility that it may have hidden dangers for people in and around it. Even competent swimmers can get into difficulty, in conditions that on the surface look safe.

Medical Support for TV

In today's world all businesses need to be able to provide an adequate Health and Safety assessment before any work commences. This includes having the correct level of medical assistance readily to hand.