Known throughout the event industry for its outstanding quality and patient focussed services, we offer a wide range of medical and first aid services to suit the requirements, budget, and size of your event. Whether you are planning a local village fete or facing the challenge of a concert with an anticipated audience of thousands, we are extremely well equipped to ensure that guests as well as other participants, should they become a patient during your event, will be very well looked after.

The size, nature or the location of your event does not faze us. You name it, we have done it - be it onsite, offsite, difficult to access, a crowded festival, cage fighting, a film/TV set, go karting, or a motorsport meeting. We are well prepared for any eventuality in any kind of environment.

Our impressive fleet of vehicles consists of all types:

  • Rapid response vehicles (marked, unmarked, 4x4) equipped to deal with advanced life support.
  • Fully marked front line ambulances equipped to deal with critical life care.
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Satellite Navigation Systems for dealing with high volume crowds.

In addition we can also provide a medical tent as well as access to a helicopter - which is invaluable in high volumes of traffic when trying to safely transfer patients directly to Major Trauma Centres or other specialist hospitals.

The human factor is just as important if not more during a medical emergency. We pride ourselves on our experienced medical team of doctors, registered paramedics, Emergency Nurses, Ambulance Technicians and qualified first aiders who are either NHS trained or registered health professionals.

The burden of planning a medical or first aid cover is on us. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish and deliver a complete medical provision that is adequate for your event and compliant with the latest regulations as well as requirements of individual governing bodies such as the Motor Sport Association. As part of our services we will identify and work with nearby emergency services and hospitals to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

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Our Services

We provide medical cover all types of events. Here are some of the popular event types that we have covered in the past.

Corporate Event Medical Services

From company Christmas parties to large promotional events, and from corporate balls to team-building games and activities, we can help with all the necessary risk assessments during the planning stage of any event, as well as supplying useful guidance and advice.

Festival Medical Cover

When organising a festival is it important to consider the safety implications and to set up safeguards to ensure your attendants are out of harm’s way.

Motorsport Event Medical Services

Motorsports are an exciting and entertaining pastime, but anyone who is involved with them should know that there is always a possibility of an accident. Because of that, it is vital that any motorsport event be properly equipped for the event of an emergency.

Off Road Event Medical Services

Looking for medical cover for an off road event, here we have a wealth of experience to respond to your emergency needs. We are the go-to medical provider to give peace of mind at a wide variety of events.

Sports Event Medical Services

Having the right medical support in place is vital for sporting events. Participant and public safety should form part of the overall planning process right from the start. Everyone involved needs to understand their role in keeping the environment safe and know what to do should something go wrong.

Waterside Event Medical Cover

Even though water looks safe, there is a possibility that it may have hidden dangers for people in and around it. Even competent swimmers can get into difficulty, in conditions that on the surface look safe.

Medical Support for TV

In today's world all businesses need to be able to provide an adequate Health and Safety assessment before any work commences. This includes having the correct level of medical assistance readily to hand.