In today's world all businesses need to be able to provide an adequate Health and Safety assessment before any work commences. This includes having the correct level of medical assistance readily to hand.

Whatever your type of production is, medical back up is so important. All action scenes have their risks, however small, and the need here is obvious. However, incidents occur in even the most tranquil of settings. After all, it is well know that most accidents happen within the home - so domestic scenes are risks as well.

Production time costs money. Delays are both costly and frustrating for everybody concerned. When incidents occur needing medical advice and treatment, having the right personnel on site and immediately available will save very valuable time in nearly every instance. Without the right help it can be a difficult decision as to whether the individual involved might need hospital or off site attention. Having the right facilities and staff effectively avoids the need for extended delays and attention.

We are best equipped to provide all of our clients with the necessary backup so essential today and we offer a very wide variety of services to film and television production companies.

Off screen we are able to provide paramedic ambulance personnel and/or nurses. This gives you and your employees complete peace of mind while you all get on with your production work. Effectively, they are part of your production team and will be ready for all necessary "action" caring for both everyone whether behind or in front of the camera.

Because our staff are experienced medical personnel, we will also be able to provide a knowledgeable advisor to ensure your production is factually correct and up to date - so essential in the world of medically aware audiences.

In front of the camera our staff are both willing and able to act as useful extras by using medical equipment and procedures appropriately. Their presence will also assist other actors and extras to perform likewise.

However, it is not just about people. We can arrange for ambulance vehicle to be permanently at your disposal throughout production - for yet more peace of mind.

Effectively, we are a "one stop shop" for all of your medical needs both on and off camera by providing:-

  • Unit nurses or Paramedic Ambulances with medical and nursing staff.
  • Behind and in front of the camera services.
  • Fully qualified medical specialists offering the latest advice.
  • Vehicles and equipment for modern scenes.

For more information on our event medical services enquire today by calling 0117 290 1290 or email us at