Having the right medical support in place is vital for sporting events. Participant and public safety should form part of the overall planning process right from the start. Everyone involved needs to understand their role in keeping the environment safe and know what to do should something go wrong.

Whether you're arranging a school sports event, a regular national championship or a one-off exercise, if you're the event organiser then you have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of everyone attending. Having the right sports events medical services available on the day to comply with that legal duty is vital.

We can help you manage the health and safety risks associated with any sporting event. We provide sports event management services to a number of venues right across the UK. Our professional team has extensive experience in planning and managing the risks associated with hosting an event.

When you appoint us you'll receive a tailor-made approach that reflects your needs as an events organiser. From risk assessment to deployment and all stages in between, we'll adapt our services to meet your unique requirements. We are happy to liaise and work with the other parties involved in your event: our overriding objective is to ensure that the day goes as smoothly as possible and is remembered for all the right reasons.

We can make sure that your event management plan reflects the risks associated with your event and that you have the right medical professionals on the ground on the day. Whether you need a qualified first aider, staffed first aid point, on-site doctor, ambulance service, field hospital or water rescue team, Event Medical Services has the expertise to meet your requirements.

For more information on our event medical services enquire today by calling 0117 290 1290 or email us at info@mace-events.org.